About us


Chestnut Community Church is a conservative, Bible believing congregation established in 2005. We believe that the Bible is the Holy Inspired and Inerrant Word of God given to mankind to reveal God's plan of salvation through His Son - Jesus Christ. We gather weekly to worship and to grow deeper in our love and walk with Him. Our services are available on this site and with audio only on the site https://mckinneychestnutcommunity.com/


Our History

Chestnut Community Church was born out of a Sunday School Class at First Baptist Church in McKinney where Rickey taught a class Sunday school class for 14 years. In May 2005, the Sunday school ministry at FBC divided all the classed into many smaller groups. After this reorganization Rickey began visiting with some officers and fire fighters where he served as Chaplain. He spent the summer fellowshipping with them and visit some of their churches.

Many of these folks expressed a desire for something that was not as formal as “Big Church”. Jayne Harper, Maxine Crittenden, and Susie Brown, joined together to rent Chestnut Chapel in the historic district of McKinney and invited Rickey to teach and he invited the officers and fire fighters to come. Jayne led the music, Susie played the piano, Maxine supported in prayer, and an informal class was started. Twelve people came that first day February 5, 2006 including 4 police officers and 3 fire fighters.

Desiring accountability, Rickey sought an umbrella of authority to oversee the mission and finances. He contacted his longtime friend Chuck Vance, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church from Anna, Texas and asked if they would allow our little group to be a “mission” of their church. Calvary voted on February 12 to support us as a mission. On Sunday, February 19, 2006 Dr. Vance came to the service at 9:00 am and officially invited us to be that mission arm of their church. We gladly accepted.

Finding hymnals was one of the first needs. Pastor went to the Collin Baptist Association and asked them if they had any Baptist hymnals they could use. He came away with a large, cardboard Tomato Box filled with Baptist Hymnals which were used for 2 years.

The second service was attended by many more folks as word spread that we were meeting at 9:00 am, singing a few hymns, hearing a message from Scripture, fellowshipping over coffee, and engaging in other areas of service. This remains the basic formula today.

On the third Sunday a lady came up to Rickey and said, “Where do I put my offering?” Rickey told her to put it in the “Tomato Box” and that day over $300.00 was added to the box, which paid the rent for the next month. That cardboard box soon fell apart so Meredith Madden built a wooden box, placed appliques of tomatoes and lettering “Tomato Box”, which is still used today for collection of tithes and offerings.

 When the attendance grew it became apparent we needed to step away from the mission status and become a church. Dr. Vance came to the church on Sunday, September 23, 2007 and moderated a business meeting, where the congregation, voted to become a self-sustaining church. Pastor Rickey Hargrave was called as the senior pastor and later on moved to full status. Chestnut Chapel Fellowship was born, incorporated as a Baptist Church and became associated with and a supporter of the Collin Baptist Association. In addition, doctrinally we subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message, Current Edition.